Friday, April 09, 2010

Who needs an Ultracinese?

Anyone here miss out on getting an Ultracinese when they first came out? Probably most of you did, since these have been harder to acquire than a four-legged leprechaun!

Well the good news is that we just got our hands on THREE of them and they will be shipping out on Monday the 12th. They will go to the first three people to purchase it, so don't miss this opportunity to get one. They are only available about once every month or longer, and there's no telling when more will be back in our store.

Contact us if you have any further questions!


Ultracinese may be one of THE most amazing PK effects ever. Imagine you pick up a nut and bolt (both may be borrowed), thread the nut on the bolt, and upon your command the nut slowly starts threading itself off of the bolt as if caused by some ghostly action. You can reverse directions upon your command and the nut can wind back up on the bolt. You immediately give the nut and bolt (no switching) to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. Now get this... no thread, no magnets, no reels, no rubberbands, nothing attached to the nut or bolt, nothing hidden in your hand, no switching, no kidding. Sounds to good to be true, sounds impossible, sounds like hype? It is not... it is Ultracinese effect created by Leonardo Milanesi with the support of the Netmagicas company. Ultracinese is one of those rare effects where the method will not disappoint but will inspire you and make you feel like you are doing REAL magic. You will do this for your own amusement and amazement.

There are many other uses only limited by your imagination. Imagine having one card slowly crawl along in sympathy to another card you openly push along, imagine a deck of cards creeping out of it's case to be immediately examined...

Ultracinese is as close to real magic as it gets.

Includes the hand made gimmick that works on a simple AA battery (not included), thorough written instructions, and a bonus DVD giving handling details.

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