Sunday, February 09, 2020

"Solid metal that flows around your fingers like a living thing!"

Opus by Garrett Thomas - Trick

This could be the one ring to rule them all!

Garrett Thomas not only teaches multiple coin to ring effects, he also walks through his creative process which can be applied to any magician developing their routines. 


Opus itself includes 3 tools; 2 gimmicks and one matching coin. Opus gimmicks can be done with Garrett's Ring Thing and Banded effects as well.  These rings are also magnetic, perfect for holdouts. Updates will be continually added to the online instructions so new tips and effects will be available.

"There are only a few routines where the elegant efficiency of the technique is as beautiful as the visual impossibility of the effect. This is one of them. Each move teaches a key concept in making sleights appear effortless for spectators; study this effect and you will learn a lifetime's worth of lessons in just a few moments of magic."  - Kainoa Harbottle

WARNING! The ring that you select should be slightly larger than the size you normally wear.


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CineMental - A mentalism trick that is fooling magicians!  Use MOVIES to read the minds of spectators:

My Assistant - A solid ladybug jumps INTO a card and finds the selection:


A retired boxer goes to see his doctor because he’s having trouble sleeping. “Have you tried counting sheep?” the doctor asks.

“I tried,” the boxer explains, “but every time I get to the number nine I stand up.”

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