Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"Used by almost every magician and mentalist around the world!"

"If the card game 'UNO' and the Invisible Deck had a baby, you'd get UNOrthodox!"

UNOrthodox (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Antonio Martinez - Trick

A unique presentation to the Ultra Mental deck.  This version is colorful and relatable, easy to do, requires no mathematics or sleight of hand and has instant reset.  Ready to go right out of the box.


You will absolutely love UNOrthodox and so will your audience.
  • Easy to do
  • No sleight of hand
  • Instant reset
  • Full online video training
  • Custom designed deck on high quality playing card stock
  • No mathematics
  • No counting

Invisible Deck Kicker by David Penn

The '52 on 1 Card' is now a fully routined miracle that  happens in your spectator's hands!  Under impossible conditions, the card they freely name turns over, not in the deck, but IN THE PICTURE on the card that they have been holding the entire time!



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OPUS Ring Set - A must-have set for anybody that performs close up or ring magic!  Available in six different sizes!

Coin To Wallet ($30.00) - Cause a signed coin (or other small object like a borrowed ring) to end up inside of a sealed bag that's been inside of your wallet!  Requires a jacket to perform, but very powerful reactions are guaranteed!


I named my eraser Confidence...

It gets smaller with every mistake I make!

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