Wednesday, February 19, 2020

"The GREATEST Card Trick in History!! Nothing else comes close!"


The Ambitious Card Routine is BY FAR the most popular card trick in history.  Through a series of impossible sequences, the spectator's SIGNED CARD always rises to the top of the deck.

Watch Daryl perform this here:

DARYL was most famous for this routine.  His teaching and sleights were the best.   And now, it's all been meticulously compiled into this excellent HARDCOVER book, Omnibus!

Check it out:

It's been Out of print for years and highly sought after on the used market; this includes ALL the material contained in its original 1987 printing as well as a NEW BONUS CHAPTER on Daryl's Ultimate Ambition!

Nothing has been left out, every nuance is covered in great detail.

You will learn:
  • The Double Turnover.
  • The Double Lift.
  • Double lift Build-up.
  • The Top Change.
  • The Bluff Pass.
  • Color Change.
  • The Pop-Up Card.
  • Center Double Lift.
  • The Hofzinser Spread Pass.
  • Signed with Suspicion.
  • The Tip Over Change.
  • Tabled Ambition.
  • Ambitious Move.
  • The Kagemusha Principal.
  • Paintbrush Change.
  • The Impromptu Duplicate.
  • The Tip-Over Change.
  • The Ambitious Miracle-Change.
  • The Outjog Change.
  • The Screened Leipzig Pass.
  • The Ultra Move.
  • The Ambitious Double Deal.
  • The Umbiguitious Card.
  • Under Foot.
  • Four Finales.
  • The Ambitious Twins.
  • Ambitious Gimmickry.
  • Plus, MUCH More
Order this amazing book today before it's gone for another few decades!




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