Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"You will not believe that this is 100% examinable!"

The plot is simple: take out two folded cards from your wallet - one red and one blue -- and perform the most visual and easy transposition inside of your spectator's hands.

Watch it here:

A small gimmick that fits in your wallet so you are ready to perform anytime, anywhere.  100% examinable so no switches needed.  Perform this easy transposition in your spectator's hands.  Be able to change from red to blue or blue to red with no angle restrictions.

What makes this different?
  • 100% clean from beginning to end
  • You can give everything out for examination without any switch.
  • The cleverly-made gimmick allows you to get a blue to red change OR a red to blue change. No need to select!
  • Almost no angle restrictions. You can show both sides of the folded card -- the color changes in a blink of an eye.
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What sounds like a sneeze and is made of leather?

A shoe...

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