Friday, November 25, 2022




Today is OFFICIALLY BLACK FRIDAY!   And while we already have over 1,000 magical items at 50% Off, we are making things even MORE enticing for today only!

1.  DOUBLE REWARDS - Many items on our website have Reward Points (cash back) that we automatically deposit into your account after we ship the order.

TODAY ONLY, we have DOUBLED those points!   That means you'll get up to 10% back into your account on those items!

NOTE: The double-point value is already if you see something that gives you 10 points (meaning $10.00 back into your account), then THAT VALUE is already the doubled value.   The following day, it will drop back down to $5.00.

So don't double what you see.   We already doubled it to save you the trouble!

2.  LOWER FREE SHIPPING - Today only, instead of buying $50.00 worth of products to qualify for free USA shipping, we lowered it down to $35.00!

That's a 30% reduction in spending that you are saving!

Simply add at least $35.00 of products into your order and you will qualify for FREE USA SHIPPING!

BOTH OF THESE ADVANTAGES WILL END FRIDAY AT 11:59PM.   (Translation: Friday is the only day to take advantage of these two special deals!)



We wouldn't be doing you justice if we didn't continue to mention ALL THESE ITEMS that are 50% off.

Check them out:

Those are part of our BLACK FRIDAY SALE, and you have less than 5 days left to purchase them at this price.

Playing Cards, Magic Tricks, DVD's, Books, and more!

Just click that link and you can narrow down your selection based on price and product type!

Shop our Black Friday items here:



What's the hardest part of being addicted to money?

The withdrawals.


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