Saturday, November 19, 2022

"Learn how to VANISH your entire CARD BOX! Perfect OPENER to your magic!"


"The card box literally DISAPPEARS into thin air INCHES away from your spectator!"

Once you see this, you're going to want it!   This is the perfect OPENER for your magic!

Most magicians begin their card tricks by taking out a box of cards, and then removing the cards from it.

Don't be like most magicians!

Instead, just make the box disappear and start your performance with a piece of visual magic!

Check out CASE DISMISSED by Mark Mason:

  • It is visually stunning!
  • Super easy to perform
  • Resets in a few seconds
  • Magnetically locks

Choose the color deck you perform with and purchase using these special links below:



If purchasing Case Dismissed above, you may also want to consider picking up REBOXED!   You can take the deck of cards and then visually pushed them through a solid card box!

Then open the card box to remove the cards and begin performing!

Watch if performed here:

Both of these effects (Reboxed and Case Dismissed) are fantastic all by themselves........but you can combine the two if you wished, leading to some powerful magic combinations!

Order Reboxed in either RED or BLUE color:



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