Wednesday, November 02, 2022

UPDATE - 50% Off CLOSEOUT Sale (+ new Tenyo 2023 Items)!

"A brief hiccup but it's back, baby!"



UPDATE: Yesterday, we announced our CLOSEOUT SALE (50% off 600+ items) and almost immediately, we found a problem that made all the items disappear after announcing it!  (Disappearing items are not unexpected in a "magic shop", but it's not what we wanted to happen!)

So yesterday, if you tried to view our huge 50% CLOSEOUT SALE and it only showed a few items, then please check again because the issue is fixed, and we now list OVER 600 ITEMS in there!


Here's the original announcement in case you missed it:

It was bound to happen.   We have OUTGROWN our inventory and we need to make room for new upcoming products.  

That means YOU BENEFIT, because we are slashing prices on over 600+ items to all MJM Magic customers!

Take a look at this list of products:

We know, it's A LOT of items.   Take your time and browse through them.

To help narrow it down, here are some shortcuts to organize them by price or product type:

Or Narrow down by type:


That's right, these kinds of discounts can't last forever.   After all, we are losing money on these products by offering them so low, but we need to make space.

So order as many of these items as you like (for yourself, or for gifting during the upcoming holiday season).  

And remember, the prices GO BACK UP on November 8th!



2023 Tenyo Effects are In Stock

Low price, easy-to-do, collectable tricks.


FINAL PIECE by Tenyo Magic

  • Random jigsaw puzzle piece matches the missing one from the completed puzzle.

Link -


LUCKY STRINGS by Tenyo Magic

  • Randomly pull strings but the final one is the ONLY one that rings the bell.

Link -


SIZE SURPRISE by Tenyo Magic

  • Cards change in size in front of the audience’s eyes.

Link -



I spotted an albino Dalmatian the other day.   It was the least I could do.


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