Sunday, November 20, 2022

WEBSITE BACK ONLINE - Crazy 24 hours!


"It's a good thing my head is shaved, or else my hair would be completely pulled out!" - Jeff Mash

So yesterday, around 8:00pm PST, we had a longtime customer contact us via the MJM Facebook Chat to inform us that our website was down!

PANIC MODE set in! 

But when WE signed online to check things out, we saw everything completely fine.  No problems whatsoever.   So immediately, we assumed it was a customer-browser issue.

NOPE!  Long story short, someone who works at the domain registrar company had suspended the name, and they told us it would take TWO DAYS to restore it.

In the meantime, no one could see our website outside of our local network!

My heart SANK.   How could this be happening, especially during our largest BLACK FRIDAY SALE of the year?!

I  made multiple phone calls.  I spoke with multiple people.   Everyone gave us different answers.

FINALLY.......I spoke with someone who actually knew what they were doing.   They were able to get us back online shortly before midnight.

In total, it looks like there was an 8+ hour period where our website was down.   In fact, it probably looked like this image here (click link to see).

So if you still happen to see that image when coming to our website, I need you to do the following.


1.  Try to refresh your webpage, or even try from another device.  Sometimes, a device can cache (or save) webpages you've been to, and if you happened to visit while the page was down, then it might be reloading the same incorrect page even if the problem is fixed.    Using a different device may help rule out that being the issue.

2.  If you still have problems, then see if this temporary link works:

3.  If that doesn't work, try this other temporary link:

4.  If you still have problems, immediately contact me.   First try to contact us by responding to this email.   If that doesn't work (meaning it bounces back with some kind of error), then you can reach us through the Facebook page ( or send us a message on Instagram (

Hopefully things are back to normal for everyone, and we are definitely seeing normal activity on our website right now.   We really depend on our amazing customers to continue to support us, because we are a family owned company and issues like this really hit us hard.

We're just thankful that it was resolved so quickly!



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I am developing a fear of German sausage...

I fear the wurst.


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