Friday, August 14, 2009

MJM Going Solar?

Hey guys - sorry for not posting more often. In addition to running the store and speedily processing all your orders, I am researching a new project. It's more of a side thing, really....but I have been on this "solar" kick mentality for the last few weeks and I have no idea why. One of the things I thought would be killer is to convert the MJM Magic office to run entirely on solar power!

Pretty far fetched, and believe me, I got Brandi over here rolling her eyes thinking that I've completely lost it....but how neat would that be? To run all our computers and printers on nothing but solar energy? We wouldn't be doing it so much to save money (since solar systems are far more expensive than just paying the utility for power), but more so to say "We did it!" and to run the business on "clean renewable energy."

I will keep any solar project updates in this blog, since it's bound to be a HUGE undertaking if I ever get around to it.

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