Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"50% Sale ending soon! Here are the top selling items!"

This is a last chance reminder that our huge 50% Off Sale is ending in 48 hours, and you still have some time to pick up some great deals.

"But I don't know what to get, Jeff.   What are people buying from this sale?"

I'm glad you asked!   To help out, I am sharing with you the TOP 10 ITEMS from this sale that people are buying.   Perhaps some of these will interest you.

Check them out and see why others have been buying them (aside from the killer deals, of course):

10. Pen-nomenon by Steven X - Trick ( Was: $29.95   Now: $14.98)

- Imagine having the spectator think of anything. After a few words, a spirit possesses your pen and begins to write exactly what they were thinking of. Pen-nomenon is a highly visual, easy way to communicate with spirits.

9.  Unbelievalope by Jeff Kaylor- TRICK (Was: $39.95   Now: $19.98)

- The Unbelievalope is a specially engineered envelope that allows you to predict future events or make cards travel through space and time.  RECOMMENDED!!!

8.  InvisiBill (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Josh Janousky - Trick (Was: $24.95  Now: 12.48)

- Finally, you can take the classic Omni plot to the streets! Invisibill takes your money magic leaps beyond the norm by adding a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a borrowed bill - becomes CLEAR.

7.  Spineless by Chad Long  (Was: $20.00  Now: $10.00)

- The book test using a book with no spine!

6.  The Box (DVD and Gimmick) by Phil Tilston & JB Magic  (Was: $30.00   Now: $15.00)

- Two cards are selected, signed and lost in any deck. In the blink of an eye the 1st card appears inside the box. The card box is flipped over to reveal, in bold permanent black marker, the name of their signed card. Under impossible circumstances, the second card appears inside the box. The spectator actually removes the card from inside the box!

The kicker comes as you again flip over the box and now, the bold black ink says the name of the second signed card.

The box is immediately fully examinable. Reset and ready to go again in seconds.

5.  Spell-O-Matic Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)   (Was: $25.00  Now: $12.50)

- Your spectator names ANY card and you instantly spell to it. Every time. Any card. Super easy to do, repeatable and you can even use the deck as your regular, everyday deck!

4.  Water Crystal by Tenyo - Trick  (Was: $24.95   Now: $12.48)

- This gradual appearance, and slow vanish, of a spectator's selected card looks like real magic. In addition to revealing a selected card, it is also possible with Water Crystal to reveal a message of your choice, such as "Congratulations!"

3.  Master Course Sponge Balls Vol. 2 DVD  (Was: $14.95  Now: $7.48)

 - This is a complete and comprehensive tutorial on Sponge Balls, using step-by-step instruction to teach you everything from entry-level tricks to the most advanced routines. Classic sleight of hand skills, props and techniques are all explained in the thorough detail previously only obtained with private lessons.

2.  Short Bicycle Mandolin Deck 809 (Red)  (Was: $7.95  Now: $3.98)

- This deck is a regular Mandolin 809 Bicycle back deck. All the cards in this deck have been shortened a fraction of an inch, similar to a Svengali deck.

1.  Ripeating by Alex Latorre - Tricks  (Was: $30.00   Now: $15.00)

- Imagine removing, from your wallet, a bill with a missing corner. You then shake the bill, and the missing corner jumps from one side to another. Finally, cover the empty space for a second and reveal that the bill is now completely restored.

Those are just TEN of the 1800+ items on the list.   Be sure to click this link below and check out all the rest of them:




I once tried to make a square but I ended up with an octagon.  That's what happens when you cut corners.

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