Saturday, March 17, 2018

"If you like clever card magic, you're going to LOVE this!"

I honestly have never seen anything like this.........the Oil and Water Routine that you learn on this set is worth the price alone.   That's all I'm going to say!!!    It's actually so impressive to watch, I don't want to know how he does it because I enjoy being fooled so badly!

"The first time I saw Denis I got fooled... the second time I was fooled again. After the fourth or fifth time I begged him to do a DVD and damn, did he deliver."
- Chris Kenner

MJM Magic is proud to bring you a stunning collection of real-world magic instruction.    Check this out.

4 DVD Discs.   Over SIX HOURS of content!  17 FULL ROUTINES taught in detail!

Magic on Tap (4 DVD set) by Denis Behr

This set has it all.  You get to enjoy extremely simple magic alongside some of the most technically demanding tricks.  The perfect mix of easy, right through to difficult magic.

Check out the two demo videos here:

And remember: we normally sell 4 DVD sets like this for $150, so this is half the cost.   That's called "a great deal" in the retail industry!

Order it today and it will ship around the 26th:

These are going on a first come, first serve basis.


Q.  What does a teenager with a lisp and a nun have in common?

A.  Faith Book.

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