Friday, March 02, 2018

"One Trick, Six Cards, Three Killer Climaxes! Check this out!"

MIXED PERCEPTION by Cameron Francis What's better than performing a miracle with only six cards?   How about performing THREE MIRACLES with them!

This one is really good!   Here's what happens.

The spectator randomly chooses SIX cards from the deck, and out of those six, she remembers ONE of them.  

You then mix them three face up, and three face down, in alternating fashion.

Now VERY SLOWLY.......NO FUNNY square up the packet......give it a magical twist, and all the cards turn face down EXCEPT FOR HER CARD!

That's Climax #1!

You then take her card and show that it has miraculously changed colors! 

That's Climax #2!!

And for the killer conclusion, you tell her that you'll make the other cards disappear.........and then you turn over the remaining 5 cards to show that they are all BLANK FACE CARDS!

That's Climax #3!!!

This is such an EASY trick to perform, ANYONE CAN DO IT!


MIXED PERCEPTION by Cameron Francis


Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?  Because they are really, really good at it!

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