Thursday, March 15, 2018

"This download trick gets great reactions AND pulls in a crowd!"

It's Thursday, and that means MJM Magic is opening up the VAULT and releasing another DOWNLOAD TRICK for you to check out!

This one is called "WATER TRAP", and it's unlike anything you may have seen before!

The Vault - Water Trap by Bro Gilbert (From the TA Box Set) video DOWNLOAD

In a nutshell, you take a spectator's SIGNED coin, make it disappear, and it reappears SEALED inside of a matchbook!

Watch the demo here:

As you can see, this is a trick you can really BUILD UP and SELL to your spectator.   It's very magical, and it ends in the most unbelievable way. 

This is a download item, so you can begin learning it today:

Oh, and if you need a bunch of matchbooks, we sell them for a low price right here:


I think I want a job cleaning mirrors.   It's just something I really see myself doing.

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