Thursday, March 01, 2018

"They will NEVER figure out how this is done!"

The Vault - Spellcaster by Chris Philpott video DOWNLOAD

One of the card tricks I learned as a kid was the "Spell Your Card" trick.   However, the version I learned required me to handle the deck AFTER the spectator named their card.


The deck is spread and the spectator simply THINKS of a card.   They don't say it out loud.

The SPECTATOR then cuts the deck themselves a few times.   Remember, you don't know what card they are thinking of, and THEY don't know where the card now lies in the deck.

And yet, when they spell out the name of their card, their card will be the last card they deal to!

YES, THEY DO THE DEALING!  You never touch the deck!

Check out the full UNCUT performance video here:

Chris has some of the most organic and powerful magic in today's saturated market......we absolutely love everything he puts out.

And remember: this trick has a personal touch to it.   The spectator chooses their own card (no force), and the spectator does the dealing.   They will never figure out how it's done!



What do you get hanging from apple trees?   Sore arms.

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