Monday, June 18, 2018

"A magic trick that uses THEIR PHONE and NO APPS to install!"

KLIK (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Agus Tjiu

Last week, we advertised a hot new product that allowed you to take a picture of an invisible card, and reveal it to the spectator.   However, that was an APP and some of our customers asked if a similar thing could be done without an APP.

Well check out this upcoming item we're selling right now.   It's called KLIK, and the premise is simple.

1.  Spectator picks a card and loses it in the deck.
2.  Magician acts like he finds the card, but instead, he finds the wrong one.   Ooops!
3.  Magician has the spectator hold up the INCORRECT card while he takes a picture of them using their own phone.
4.  When the picture is developed, it shows that the spectator is actually holding the correct card in the picture (despite what reality is telling them)!

Unlike the previous trick, this one doesn't rely on any Apps, Augmented Reality, or anything like that.
  • 2 special gaff cards, the 3 of Spades and 8 of Clubs
  • Happens in their hand, in their camera phone
  • Works automatically
Available in either red or blue, so choose which one you'd like below:


1.  If you spend $100 or more in a single order, don't forget to add your FREE 2 DVD SET right here:

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