Friday, June 15, 2018

FREE $40.00 DVD SET with $100 Purchase - While Supplies LAST!!

"We must be CRAZY to be so CRAZY!  $40.00 Freebie for a $100.00 order?!"

What a deal we have for you today!   We got our hands on this incredible TWO DVD SET, featuring some of the best card magic on the market.
Impressions at the Card Table (2 DVD Set) by Tom Rose
It's a $40.00 set, but we are giving it to you FOR FREE if you place at least a $100.00 order or more!
Check out the free product and the demo video here:


It's easy.   Just add at least $100 or more into your shopping cart.    Then add the free item into your shopping cart.   Then purchase the items at the same time!


We love passing on these kinds of deals to our customers, and we THANK YOU for helping make MJM Magic the #1 place to shop!

Ahem......some promotional red tape to discuss:
  • This is only good WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!  We only have a limited number of these DVD sets to give away.   Once they are gone, you will no longer be able to add the Free Item to your order.
  • You MUST physically add this free item to your order before purchase (not afterwards).   If you forget to add the item and then email us after the promotion is over, there won't be anything we can do for you.   So be sure to add the free item into your shopping cart along with the other items BEFORE you pay for them.
  • We cannot combine multiple orders.   This only applies to new $100 or more purchases made from June 15th until we run out of the free item.  Asking to factor in prior purchases into the promotion doesn't apply.
  • Only one per customer.   Placing a $200 order will not get you two of these (let's not be stingy and spread the love to others!)
  • If you try to add the free item to an order that doesn't qualify, it will be removed prior to shipping the order.
I think that about sums up the red tape aspect of the promotion!

HAVE FUN and we know you'll LOVE this free item!!!


I've just started to read a horror novel in braille.  Something bad is gonna happen. I can just feel it.

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