Wednesday, June 20, 2018

FLASH SALE! Big Discounts off 150+ New Items at MJM Magic!

"This is going to be HUGE!!!"

Flash Sale at MJM Magic
SURPRISE!   We are having an unannounced FLASH SALE, and we know you're going to love these items we picked out.

We selected over 150 brand new items and we slashed the price!   Most of these items have NEVER been discounted before, so this is your chance to pick them up at their lowest prices ever!


Here are some good ones that have been great sellers in the past:
  2. CONTROL -
  5. THE GIFT -
This Flash Sale is only going to last until June 29th, or until we sell out of these hot items!   So be sure to look through this list and pick up these deals before they are gone!



Not only do we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00, but we randomly give away free Priority Mail upgrades every day!   If you've shopped with us before for any length of time, you may have already known this.    It's always fun for us to randomly surprise our customers and get them their items faster!


My parrot was just diagnosed with an STD.  The vet says he has Chirpees. He said there's no need for concern, because it's a Canarial disease, and it's tweetable.

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