Friday, August 03, 2018

"A SIGNED bill VANISHES and appears INSIDE of a Sharpie Marker!!"

"Without a doubt, the best bill-to-pen solution available."  - Daniel Madison

Bliss (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Noel Qualter - Trick

We all know if the Bill in Lemon routine, but who wants to carry around a knife and fruit all the time?  NOT ME!

But this takes it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!   No fruit, no knives, and can be done over and over again!

Once you see how easy this is to load and use, you're going to be carrying it with you inside of every store, coffee shop, and walk around performance!

Demo Video:

This was a SMASH HIT at the Blackpool 2018 Convention!!!

All you need to know is:
  • Bill can be borrowed.
  • Bill can be SIGNED.
  • Bill disappears
  • Bill ends up INSIDE of the sharpie!
  • Quick 3 second reset!!
It's such a unique effect, we guarantee NO ONE is going to expect that the bill is inside of the pen!
The well-made PRECISION GIMMICK does all the work for you!   It's no wonder that top magicians are saying the following:

"BLISS is such a precision made gadget, it practically does the magic for you. Such a smart method whilst still being easy to execute."
- Dynamo

"BLISS is a visual piece of magic that will leave your audience dumbstruck."
- Luke Jermay

Get it here:

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I can’t see an end, I have no control and I don’t think there’s any escape – I don’t even have a home anymore........

I think it's time for a new keyboard!


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