Thursday, August 30, 2018


"Get your hands on these POPULAR playing cards for FREE!  Spend $100 or more and get a FREE $20.00 TRICK!"

BOGO FREE on 19 Different Playing Card Decks!

For this Labor Day Weekend, Brandi and I went through our inventory and personally hand-selected a bunch of custom playing card decks.   For every one of these decks you purchase, you can choose a SECOND deck of your choice, FREE!

For example, choose one deck from the list, and then add ANY OTHER DECK of equal or lesser value from the same list, and you will get that for FREE!

If you choose two of the same exact decks, you will get the second one FREE!   If you choose two different decks, you'll get the lower priced one FREE!


If you choose FOUR decks, you will get TWO for FREE!  EIGHT DECKS?  Get FOUR for FREE!

HECK!  You may just want to buy these in order to resell them for a profit!   We don't mind!!


$100.00 BONUS GIFT : If you spend more than $100.00 during this promotion, you can get a FREE TRICK!   Just add this item to your $100.00 order and we will ship it to you:

Just click that link, add it to your order, and if it's over $100.00, we will ship it to you along with your other products!!!   Click the product link for details though!

Anyway, we selected these BOGO decks of cards because they are either POPULAR among magicians, LIMITED among collectors, or EYE CATCHING for cardicians who like to use them for flourishes.

This special BOGO event is only good through Monday the 3rd (Labor Day) until 9:00pm PST!
  • FREE ITEMS will be discounted during the checkout process.  Don't freak out if you see full price in the shopping cart.   We promise that they will be deducted during the checkout process before the final checkout screen.
  • BOGO DEALS only apply to the items you see in this category:
  • SALE ENDS AFTER LABOR DAY (Monday the 3rd at 9:00pm PST), so don't pass this chance to get free decks of cards!
  • FREE $100 BONUS GIFT - You must add that item into your $100 order during checkout (it's not automatically included).  Will be removed if your order doesn't qualify, or if we run out.   If we run out, we will let you know and may substitute with another item.
Whether you want to purchase these to collect, or to use in your magic or card manipulation, it's never been a better time to pick these up as a FREE BOGO SPECIAL!



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