Friday, August 31, 2018

"This DOWNLOAD will be explosive for you at BBQ's and Parties!!"

"Watch the terrified look on their faces!!"

The Vault - Fizz Master by Paul Harris and Eric Mead video DOWNLOAD

This download is truly an entertaining effect that you can use in walk around or stage performances!

IT'S IMPROMPTU and can be used with any soda cans (or even beer)!

Take a can of soda.   Have a spectator shake it up as much as they want!   They can HEAR the can fizzing inside under the pressure.

You then magically make the bubbles transfer, through the air, into another can that has been sitting stationary the entire time.

To prove it, you open the shaken can (preferably near someone to watch them freak out)!!   To their amazement, it doesn't fizz all over the place (even though it was shaken up)!

The other can though.......the one that was sitting there out!   LOL

This is a fun effect that gets a lot of laughs, and if you're in an environment that can get a little messy (on stage or street), then check this one out!




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Last night at the bar I ordered a drink that was served in a shoe...

... I'm pretty sure it was laced.



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