Thursday, August 23, 2018

EXTENDED! Claim your FREE MAGIC ITEMS for a few more days!

"We just couldn't let it go........."

A couple of days ago, we announced a HUGE BOGO event (Buy One, Get One Free).

We selected almost 500 items, and we allowed customers to get every second item in their order for FREE!   It was CRAAAAAZY!   So many people jumped on it.

The PROBLEM is that we accidentally made it too SHORT, so we decided to EXTEND IT!!

This BOGO Sale will now be active through this SUNDAY before it will expire.   Check out all the items here:



Here is REAL EXAMPLE of a real customer purchase, just to show you how much money you can save:

Buy One Get One Free SAVINGS

As you can see above, the customer purchased a $99.50 item, and then he got an $89.95 item FREE!   He then selected a $65.00 item, and got a $45.00 item FREE!

He got roughly $135 in free items!

All you have to do is choose items from the BOGO Category on our website, and every second item will be free.   The FREE item is the cheaper of the two.   So add one item, then choose another of equal or lower price, and that item will be free!

Add as many as you like (as you see in the example above), and you can save a TON of money!

Only good towards the 450+ items you see in this category:



My friend said, “I really need to go home and feed my baby hamsters.”

Me: "That’s a terrible diet for a baby."


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