Thursday, August 02, 2018

"Download these 3 DECEPTIVE MOVES for your card magic!"

"I can't stop practicing these in front of my computer!!!!  Great moves!"

The Vault - 3DM by Mike Hankins video DOWNLOAD

Instead of highlighting a single effect today, we wanted to share with you THREE DECEPTIVE MOVES that you will want to use in your card magic!

It's called 3DM by Mike Hankins, and you will learn:
  • An EXTREMELY visual color change.
  • A VERY deceptive switch.
  • A SEAMLESS card control.
All of that for one low price (and it's a download, so you can begin learning them today)!

Check out the DEMO video to see a detailed look at each one:



Would you believe me if I told you that I think a dog could retrieve a stick that’s been thrown over 700 miles away?

Or would you say that idea is.........far fetched?


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