Saturday, January 26, 2019

"A Photo SEALED in Plastic CHANGES!" - 50% OFF

"LIMITED SUPPLY - 50% OFF this amazing magic trick, and it's FULLY EXAMINABLE!"

Ghost Tag Pro (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Peter Eggink - Trick

Normally we don't send weekend newsletters, but we couldn't wait to tell you about this!

Let's face it, there is something MAGICAL about having a photograph CHANGE.  An object that is fixed in time, but magically transforms in the spectator's hand.

BEST OF ALL - The picture is fully examinable!

Watch the demo:

What makes this especially useful is that you can literally carry it wherever you go, because it's on a key ring!   Whether you're walking around, or at a party, or even at a restaurant, there is always an opportunity to perform this effect!

LIMITED SUPPLY AT 50% OFF!   As usual, this is a MJM Magic special, and we only have a very limited supply at this low discounted rate!   Ghost Tag Pro normally is a $45.00 item.........but the next 20 people can grab this for only $22.50!

Comes with everything you need, and you only have to supply your own deck of regular playing cards!


(If you're one of the lucky people to grab one, we begin shipping these out on the 29th.   We just wanted to give you all a heads-up notice in this newsletter before they sell out on the website).


My girlfriend borrowed $200 from me when we first met. Four years later, when we broke up, she gave me exactly $200 back.

I lost interest in that relationship.

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