Monday, January 21, 2019

"A REVOLUTIONARY Gimmick for Rubik's Cube Magic!"

"A Rubik's Cube that remotely communicates with you!!"

PSI by Wenzi Magic & Bond Lee

I'm just going to come out and say it: this isn't cheap.   But then again, it's not meant for the average person to get their hands on either.

With this gimmick, you will be able to tell which way a Rubik's cube is facing WITHOUT LOOKING.   It comes with TWO cubes which work like regular cubes.   They can be handled by spectators and mixed up by them.   But inside, there is a secret which allows you to know things about the orientation of it.

With that secret knowledge, you can perform so many effects!

You can know which color is facing them.   You can do routines where the spectator mixes the cube, and then you describe the exact pattern that is facing them.   And yes, you can do this all blindfolded if you wanted to!

Check out the demo:

Now again, it's not cheap......but consider the following:
Due to the price and availability, we are only getting a limited supply of these.    Order it now and we will begin shipping it soon.




I know a lot of you are sad because it’s a Monday...

But don’t forget, only 48 hours ago, it was a sadder day.


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