Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Your Spectator PREDICTS all 6 Numbers of the LOTTO!" - 50% Off

"This works 100% of the time!  It's CRAZY!"  50% OFF ONLY FOR THE NEXT 18 PEOPLE!

LOTTO PREDICTION by Jean-Pierre Vallarino - Trick

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Ask yourself, "Who doesn't want to win the lotto?"  It's a universal dream of anyone you ask.   The problem is that it's so RARE to hit the jackpot.

Most people only hit one or two numbers.   But to hit all SIX of them?!

Now you can PROVE that it's possible.

You show a deck of numbered cards, which represent all the numbers of the lottery.   You have the spectator shuffle the cards.   Really!   They mix them up themselves.

You then pull a lotto card out of your wallet, explaining that this lotto card has six numbers circled.   You leave this card out in full view the entire time, BEFORE THE CARDS ARE DEALT!   There is no way to change these numbers.

The spectator then deals the top six cards from their shuffled pack, which will represent the random numbers they selected.

MIRACULOUSLY, the numbers on the lotto card EXACTLY MATCH the same random cards that your spectator shuffled!  WOW!

The demo video doesn't do it justice, because this really plays big when you build it up:

Not only is this 50% OFF (to the next 18 people), but it comes with everything you need, including a really nice wallet!

Don't miss this chance to own an EASY TO DO lottery prediction trick, and get it at half the regular price!



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