Thursday, January 24, 2019

"The Tic Tac Illusion that EVERYONE is talking about!" - Download

"A pocket sized miracle that can't be explained!"

The Vault - THE BOX by Mickael Chatelain video DOWNLOAD

Are you looking to perform magic with every day objects?   Then grab a Tic Tac box and be prepared to blow people away!

Picture this.  You take a single Tic Tac out of the box.   You show the box is now empty and transparent on all sides.   You then balance the single Tic Tac on top of the box, and with a magic wave, it PENETRATES into the sealed box!

A fantastic illusion that's IMPOSSIBLE to explain!

Watch the demo video:

And remember these important points:
    • Only one dispenser is used.
    • The Tic-Tac dispenser is genuine - use your own.
    • The dispenser is shown from all sides. Your spectator can even tap on each side as proof that there are no openings.
    • The Tic-Tac placed on the dispenser is the same one that is discovered inside two seconds later. No switch!
    • VERY easy to do. In less than three minutes, you will master the secret perfectly and you'll be ready to do this incredible trick.
  • No threads, no magnets, no glue, no manipulation. The secret takes care of EVERYTHING!
Download it today here:


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