Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"A Self Working MIRACLE with TWO Surprise Climaxes!" - 50% OFF

"This is a self-working powerhouse of playing card mentalism!"

Omen (DVD and Gimmicks) by Chris Congreave

NOTE: Yesterday's 50% item sold out in a matter of hours!   Don't miss out on this one today!!

If you're looking for a card trick that's SELF WORKING, EASY, and with MULTIPLE CLIMAXES, then we have a killer deal for you!

"Omen by Chris Congreave" is normally a $40.00 effect, but we purchased a couple dozen of these to offer at a special 50% OFF PRICE.  So guess what?  That means a lucky few of you will be grabbing it lower than anyone else!

Was: $40.00  Now: $19.95!!  (Price goes back up after we sell this initial batch!)

Demo Video:

You can watch the video to see it in action, but here's the basics.  You make two correct predictions, and both are revealed in a very surprising way!

It's a fun effect and the deck does all the work for you!



Is your order going to be over $100?  If so, add one of these to your order for free, while supplies last!   Heck. it's a free DVD with a ton of great instructive magic on it.


 An origami artist wanted for murder, has been sending tantalizing clues to police.

The investigation is unfolding.

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