Friday, July 02, 2021

"Choose from over 52 FREE PRODUCTS we are giving away!"


"Who doesn't love FREE THINGS?  Great value for yourself during the holiday weekend!"

As we head into the Independence Day holiday weekend, we wanted to remind you about some AMAZING deals you can take advantage of!



Here's the deal.   We have a BOGO Category that contains 52 items.   Purchase ANY ONE of those items, and then choose ANY OTHER from that list to get FOR FREE!

Here's the list of the items:

How Does it Work?

To put it plainly, just add ANY TWO ITEMS from this list into your order.   When you go to the checkout page, the cheaper of the two will be COMPLETELY FREE!

So if you have two products that are $20.00 each, add both to your cart.   When you checkout, you will see a -$20.00 deduction on your Order, so you'll get one for free!

NO LIMITS!   If you add four items from that list, you will get the bottom two of them for free!  

Choose your BOGO products here:


WOW - Checkout the new ABANDONED PLAYING CARDS by Dynamo

 Abandoned Luxury Playing Cards by Dynamo

These are gorgeous playing cards!   In fact, they're Dynamo's personal cards, and are designed in vibrant sapphire blue and gold metallic ink.

Whether you're a collector of cards, a magician who performs with them, or a hobbyist who wants to add something different to your card game nights, you should pick up a deck of these!

Abandoned Playing Cards by Dynamo -

These decks begin shipping the 12th or earlier, but we are giving you this exclusive opportunity to order them now to reserve yours ahead of everyone else.



Due to the Independence Day holiday, we will be taking Monday off.   So we will begin processing all weekend orders on Tuesday and get your orders packed and shipped shortly afterwards!

If you want some IMMEDIATE MAGIC to tide you over, we welcome you to browse through our Instant DOWNLOAD products!   You will get immediate access to these on your computer or device, so you can keep busy over the weekend!

Instant Access Downloads -

TIP - Want to know which downloads are currently HOT?  Click this link and look at the right hand menu to see the current top bestselling downloads!

We hope you have an amazing weekend, and spending quality time with your friends and family!   We appreciate you and hope you're enjoying life to it's fullest!



This morning when I started work, my boss called me and said, "You missed work yesterday, didn’t you?!"

I said, "No, not particularly."


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