Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"New version that forces ANY number easily!"


"Never before could you do SO MUCH with SO LITTLE and for this LOW PRICE!"


I'm going to explain a situation to you, and I want you to IMAGINE yourself doing this.

Imagine that you're in front of a group of people.   Perhaps it's walking around, at a restaurant, or at a family gathering.

You ask to borrow a dollar bill from Spectator #1, which you then fold up and put inside of your notebook.   You then have that spectator point to three other people, who create three long random numbers.  Completely FREE CHOICE!

You then hand that notebook back to Spectator #1, and have him add up all the random numbers to create a long, super number.   Miraculously, that randomly created number is going to match the EXACT SERIAL NUMBER of the spectator's bill!

And that's just ONE OF MANY THINGS you can do with the JJ Notebook!

Here's the demo video:

Another example: You take out a book, and write a word on your business card.   This is your prediction word.   You then have three spectators write down three five digit numbers, like "55736, 43245, and 10141."    You have a fourth spectator take your notebook, add up all the numbers, and it will equal the exact PAGE NUMBER, LINE NUMBER, and WORD POSITION of that predicted word, even though the numbers were randomly generated!  Works with ANY BOOK!


With your JJ Notebook, you can also do the following:

  • Reveal their personal DATA (PIN, birthday, phone number, etc)
  • FORCE any small or large number in a simple and indecipherable way.

The change happens in the spectator hands without him even noticing.

You don't have to do anything since the device does it by itself.

The notebook can be use as a casual one and will be ready when you need it.

It is simple, narrow and looks like a regular one.

You can reload it as many times as you want with standard post-its.

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