Friday, July 02, 2021

"Download this amazing OIL and WATER Routine from a FISM Winner!"


"Learn from Eric Chien, FISM winner --instantly!"

The Vault - Oil & Water by Eric Chien video DOWNLOAD

The OIL & WATER routine has always fascinated us, because it's a simple concept: oil and water do not mix.

You demonstrate that by using red and black playing cards.   One by one, you mix them, and yet, they always separate like OIL & WATER!

If you don't already own Eric Chien's version of this amazing effect, watch this video:

This is a DOWNLOAD, meaning our customers will get instant access to it under their Download Area.  You can literally begin learning this today and perform it over the 4th of July holiday weekend!

Link -


BACK IN STOCK: LEAP (Signed Coin thru Glass)

Leap by Agus Tjiu - Trick

If you've been anxiously waiting for more of these to come back, then WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Check this out.  You take a shot glass, put it on top of a deck of cards, and then COVER THAT GLASS with another glass.   You then take a signed coin and make it PENETRATE through the glass!

It's amazing to watch:

Want to see an actual real-life, uncut performance?  Check out our buddy Chris performing this in the warehouse:

SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!  These sold out last time and have been unavailable for MONTHS.   Be sure to order yours now and we will ship it to you!

Leap (Coin thru Glass) -



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