Friday, July 09, 2021

"This is the trick that got me on T.V" - Devonte


"It makes a novice look like a pro!...extremely simple with powerful audience reaction...a must buy!" - Steven A

The Vault - Juxtaposition by Devonte video DOWNLOAD

Imagine showing two decks of cards: a red deck and a blue deck.   Spectator chooses one to go into their pocket, and you use the other one.   From your deck, you have them THINK OF ONE CARD that they see!  They don't tell you this card, it's purely stored in their mind.

Suddenly, you make that card disappear from the deck!  It's gone.   But where did it go?

You guessed it.   The spectator who has been guarding the other deck in their pocket removes it, and there they find the THOUGHT OF CARD from the other deck, sandwiched in between the other cards!

Watch the video trailer:

Strong enough for any Professional act, Easy enough for a Beginner.

If you have two decks laying around, this is the perfect trick to set them up for, especially in walk-around environments where you're moving on afterwards.

Instant reset, no memorization needed, and you can use any style decks you want!

Download Justaposition by Devonte right now and begin learning it to perform this weekend!

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TBC Box 2 by Paul McCaig and Luca Volpe - Trick


If you perform on stage or in front of any group of people, then you can use the TBC Box to switch out objects right in front of them!

Why use outdated change bags when you can use a professional looking, high crafted box which makes you look like a real magician/mentalist.  It even comes with 12 PROFESSIONAL ROUTINES to get you started!

Watch video

1. Looks like an innocent 'Ikea' style box, something that most people are already familiar with.

2. It is the first switch box that you can assemble right in front of the audience, fully loaded and instantly reset. (It can even hold a full deck of playing cards!)

3. The first switch box on the market that can switch back to the original billets (normally with the classic boxes once the billets are switched you can't switch back)

4. The box is made from high quality materials and is virtually indestructible under repeated normal use.

5. Has a magnetic flap with an identical zipper, so when in the down position it looks like nothing has taken place...the perfect illusion!

6. Extremely lightweight, portable and practical, at only 110 grams it packs super flat and plays huge in any performing situation (parlor, close up and stage and even online!)

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This is ridiculous. It's July 8th and people are still setting off fireworks.

One almost caught our Christmas decorations on fire.


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